Riccardo Mario Villanova Sammarco, also known as MRA, Master M, Master R, Rosar and other names that are not worth to mention here, is known in the occult scene for at least 32 years. He was Freemason (33°, 90°, 98° of Misraim), but rejected and laid down the grades out of personal choice, for not having found them OPERATIVE.

He is gnostic Bishop and italian patriarch of the Primitiv Christian Gnostic Church, high grade initiate of orders like G.D., R.C., Ordine Osirideo Egizio, Ordine Egizio, Myriam and others.

He is the single representative and living authorised transmitter of the Ordine Ammonio, bearer of the Great or COMPLETE Alchemy. He is Master and Initiator, in private, of famous masters of different countries, who follow or have followed him personally: from the USA to Germany, England, Brazil, France, ecc.

He was born in March 1964 in Turin, Italy.

He spent his childhood with the common interests of a child, but fell ill when he was 12 years old and there he began to receive the memory of what has been.

He spent the following 2 years in a deep identity crisis. He changed his mental habits and began to study himself by withdrawing from mandatory school, that he saw as a Programming coercion.

He met his own personal Master at the young age of 14 years.

By him he was initiated into the Great or complete Alchemy at the age of 16 years, thereby breaking all the previous rules that stipulated that initiation is limited to the age of 18 years and then also only to children of initiates.

There he started his path towards Knowledge.

Later he was sent to the Master of Transmutatory Magic Klaus Eisenberg, who in the 20 years of their association transmitted to him the fundamentals and the complete practise of the Transmutatory Magic, that had always been kept secret and given only to the highest degrees of Freemasonry, albeit always in incomplete and mutilated forms. During his life he also met is latest Master, who is still alive, but who has withdrawn from the world. He poured on him the rigor of the Thinking principle and the ways to escape from the BODILY PRISON.

All this, the meeting of the three rivers of knowledge: phyical, alchemical, celestial, the Transmutatory Magic, the Divine, Supreme Inner Science, led him to unify the systems that had been separated until then, and led him to OVERCOME them. He remembered who he was and where he came from in the encounter with his Own Numen or Self, self made Perfect. This is the Path that everybody has to follow on the track of the Great Divine Wave in themselves.

After years of public silence and the guidance and training of other teachers that are`nt much known of, he received the precise order to reveal to the world his knowledge as descendant of the ancient knowledge, and to reveal it PURE AND WITHOUT DISTORTION for those who are ready to receive it.

So he startet to reveal it and began his MISSION to bring mankind THE LIGHT AND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT LIBERATES, which he now pursues with love and perseverance against all odds!

….when encountering his own Numen or Self….Self made Perfect,

he remembered who he was and where he came from...